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About Us

Cripple Creek is a well respected Urban Bluegrass band who have been together for over 10 years and who during that time, have been invited to perform at festivals and events from the Snowy Mountains to the Adelaide plains. Never too loud, Cripple Creek is a lively acoustic trio and play a variety of songs from fiery banjo instrumentals to lush vocal infused ballads.

Cripple Creek hail from Adelaide, South Australia and is an energetic acoustic trio with stirring harmonies and instrumentals and a driving sound that play songs from spine tingling ballads to toe tapping breakdowns in a unique blend of bluegrass and alt-country. Cripple Creek deliver a dynamic acoustic sound, direct from the heart. 

What do we do

Great harmonies and a driving sound give us ‘our unique’ sound - and with three lead singers, each itching to stand up to the main mic to sing - there is never a dull moment. Cripple Creek play a range of well-known popular songs plus some traditional and original songs in a bluegrass style, all with lush harmonies. Fire-ry instrumentals round out a versatile performance.

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Urban Bluegrass

Bluegrass comes from tradiitional roots of American and old timey country.

Cripple Creek take reference from these rootsy origins and apply bluegrass interpretations of familiar songs that city and country folk alike can relate to. We blend these sounds with original songs and traditional. This is what we call URBAN BLUEGRASS. You are bound to like it. Some of the well known artists we cover include Paul Kelly, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, Tom Petty, the Dingoes, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Our originals are some of our most well received songs and are pretty catchy too. 

Cripple Creek is

John Hyland: Guitar and main vocalist (and Dobro when he gets a chance)
Ron Williams: Banjo and vocals
Ian Davis: Double bass and vocals 

What's in a name

Being based in South Australia we are fond of the River Murray and despite recent rainfall it is still our Cripple Creek. Cripple Creek, crops up in a number of our favourite songs including, Up on Cripple Creek by the Band, Cripple Creek Ferry by Neil Young and of course the Bluegrass classic Cripple Creek - so all in all seems like the perfect name for our band.