John’s list of playing credits is long, with the likes of Paul Kelly, Gerry Hale, and singer songwriters, Steve Foster, Don Morrison Jim Patterson and Terry Bradford. In an earlier incarnation John was a locally respected pedal steel and session player. He was a founding member of the local cult band, the Lone Rangers and has also played with the Borderers and Paul Kelly’s Adelaide Band. Now in full acoustic mode and whether supporting the band on Dobro or driving the song on vocals and guitar in his own right, John stamps his own indelible style to the band. John’s most recent band was the Cowtippers.



Ron lives in the rarified altitude of the Adelaide Hills and we have been lucky to lure him to the flatlands. Ron’s banjo playing is one of Adelaide's best secrets. Those in ‘the know’, appreciate his calibre but if you don’t – you will have to see for yourself as he is with the best players in Australia. Ron has played with Steve Foster, Honky Stomp (Dwayne Elix), Dingo Ridge Bluegrass Band (with Andrew Hook) and Sawpit Gully Ramblers.



Ian, the most recent band member, is a seasoned and well respected musician. He launched himself into the Adelaide folk scene in the late 60s with the vocal quartet the Chessmen and the trio, Folk Three. Renowned for their vocal harmonies they performed with regular television spots and local venue appearances. Ian later took up double bass and applied his skills to a wide variety of musical genres and is currently the resident bass player for two ‘acoustic jam seasons’ at an Adelaide pub. The band is lucky to have acquired Ian’s services as he has added a new drive and vocal dimension to the band’s sound.